Go global!

Food In Action helps you improve and boost your brand by using organic, effective and trustable methods; always from a sustainable perspective!

Food In Action embodies the Nordics’ values of inclusiveness, equality, openness, trust, creativity, sustainability and fairness.

  • Inclusiveness because we favour social integration.
  • Openness and diversity because we want the world to come and discover Jämtland.
  • Trust because we welcome Eat Up Food Walks license takers in our team and “to get there, spells together(e)”.
  • Creativity because we value cross-cultural innovation and are always keen on including multiple arts (gastronomy, music, photography, plastic art) in our projects. Moreover, we advocate for the right to be “eljest” (different).
  • Sustainability because we believe that to change the world through gastronomy you also need to have real profits (green-, social-, cultural-, local- and economic gains).
  • Fairness because we champion gender equality.


Would you like to create an event to boost and promote your food product or service?
Do you have the idea but you don’t know where to start to make it happen? Food in Action helps you organise your event from scratch and make your dream come true. Creation, logistics, and production!

Food in Action manages to develop a successful event, thanks to our experience and to our global networking, with more than 500 food and beverages professionals – including chefs, sommeliers, foodstyle experts, photographers & food event managers –

Check out some of the events we organised and/or helped organise:


Need help communicating your food product or service? 

Food In Action creates effective communication strategies to increase your visibility!

Our main strengths are the communication-marketing online, which means that we are experts in creating online content such as videos, images, articles, and much more. Besides, we create and manage online tools that will deliver your brand’s message to your clients – websites, social media (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, youtube, and LinkedIn), mailing – We also aim at advising brands on how to use Social Media to grow and develop.

Currently, we are monitoring the following Instagram & Facebook accounts & websites:

Food in Action – Eat Up Food Walks – Eat Up Colombia – Flow Food – FoodHack63 – Skafferi63 – Brunkullans Te – The Great Nordic Feast – Eat Art


Do you lack visibility?

Food in Action brings your project to the spotlight by helping your media coverage and by connecting you with food businesses, restaurants, and chefs that will also improve your credibility.

With two chefs in our team and one faithful photographer partner Tina Stafren, we host and organise food photo shoots like we recently did with sweet potato in the spotlight.

Our Press & Media section proves we easily get the media’s attention. Knowing journalists from Sweden, England & Colombia, we certainly can help you get your project to the front page.

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