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Create GOOD FOOD* ecosystems with real profits!

Our diverse team relies on its international expertise to bring the best out of the projects we support. With different cultural backgrounds, work experiences and plural understanding of sustainable food, we always tackle issues and deal with projects with a large panel of perspectives and this is how we give birth to creative concepts.

We develop and help develop sustainable food concepts promoting the Nordic Style values: inclusiveness, equality, openness, trust, creativity, sustainability and fairness.


Do you need help to give birth to your dream product or to make it grow?

We can provide you with ideas of designs, labels, marketing and communication toolkits. Here is a list of the food product that we developed and/or helped develop:

Flowfood Mince: we add our expertise in communication, social media and branding

Brunkullans Te: we retrieve existing brands, help them grow, consolidate their identity and then we hand them over to a new team


Do you want to give life to the event you have in mind or promote your product or concept through a successful event?

With 400 participants at Eat Up Östersund, 200 at Eat Up Åre & Bogota, 450 at Eat Up Sundsvall and more than 1 000 during Eat Art, we sure know how to attract a crowd and entertain it!

Our events attract families, couples, young children, young adults, adults and retired people. Some have a special target (Foodhack63 for food experts) and some bring different people together over a good meal (The Great Nordic Feast) but fun is always the main goal.

We can also provide you with a turnkey set to launch your own Eat Up – Food Walk in your city, Food in Action invites you to become the member of a passionate thriving community

Events & concepts created/produced by us: Eat Up Food WalksEat ArtSkafferi 63The Great Nordic FeastFoodhack63Gastronomy Jämtland Härjedalen (Creative Gastronomy)Jazzköket, Sikåsköket

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