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 Green seafood. Join the flowment and plant-based your plate! 

Flowfood is simply tasty, smart and healthy plant-based food, made with algae and greens from the Nordic sea and soil. No GMO, no funny fungus, no processed soy.

For folks that want to eat less or no meat!

The Flowfood mince is the first innovative new plant-based commodity from The Flowfood company. You can use it as a mince and fry it straight in a pan. It can also be used as the main ingredient. The product is perfect to make burgers, falafel or “vegie-balls” with it or as a topping on pizza or in a lasagne. Flowmince has similar effects and behaviour in cooking as a meat mince.

For a happy you and a happier planet!

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Join the next taste adventure!

Eat Up Food Walks will take you to a magic hotspot to enjoy tasty treats, created by passionate people. It’s a cross-cultural food safari in an exciting location. The best way to get to know a place!

It’s a one-day event that combines exercise, cosy atmosphere, good* food, creative spaces, and culture. During the walk, you’ll meet other food lovers and invited chefs.

Buy a ticket and you’ll get a tour map of ten different stations in the magic hotspot.  You’ll also get 10 tokens, each providing a taste sensation and the on-line Eat Up magazine to enhance your experience. We operate worldwide!

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London’s first celebration of Nordic food across eight destinations!

With more than 1400 people enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner (over 4 days). Nearly 30 magic chefs and bakers from Nordics & UK cooked up a fantastic feast. By following an organic strategy for communication, based on Nordic core values, we managed to reach out way beyond what any PR- campaign can possibly do.

The Great Nordic Feast, also celebrated the exchange of female gastronomic chefs, who combined their talents to serve up a crEATive Nordic eating experience for food lovers.

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A sustainable 24h outdoor festival for all ages!

Eat Art is the first sustainable food and culture festival in Östersund filled with great vibes, lots of live music, great atmosphere, flavors, artisan foods, pop-up taverns art-and win tastings, foraging and playful activities – initiated by Food In Action and Fia Gulliksson with food friends.  A day when we celebrate nature, good food, and the Nordic lifestyle –  just like a day in the park!

Guest performances and inspiration from the local arts, dance, and food scenes, mixed with guest chefs and star influencers from all over the world.

The 24-hour festival is rounded off with an extra focus on a better world. That Östersund is designated a Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy is what this is all about.

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Organic tea the Nordic way!

BRUNKULLAN® was founded by Anita Gulliksson in 1977. In 2007 the tea business became part of Food in Action Company Group and organically certified by CEO and Founder Fia Gulliksson.

It’s possible to change the world for the better through gastronomy, including tea. A true gastronome always cares about the links between the plate and the planet and takes responsibility for any effects on mother earth.

Brunkullans Te packs and distributes most of their teas in Jämtland, Sweden.
Food in Action is also in charge of Brunkullans Tea – Social Media channels.

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creEATive Östersund a cultural bonanza!

The feast was held inÖstersund on the 15th of September 2016. The party was at five different settings in Östersund brought by more than 90 local, Nordic and international friends in collaboration with Food In Action. Food, drinks, live music, performing art and dancing – all was included.

Nearly 500 guests from all over the world. Delegates attending the UNESCOs Creative Citites annual meeting was participating at crEATive Östersund.

Lena Flaten from Storlien and Flammans Skafferi  – was head chef of the event together with Bri Stundon from Åre Gastronomy Week, assisted the participant food friends from around the world. Together we designed a fun, sustainable, creative feast.

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Award-winning Jazzköket – Sweden’s No 1 sustainable restaurant in 2014.

In 2012 three friends, Fia the gastronome, Kristoffer the chef and Kajsa the artist. all wildly creative and different decided to open a gastro bistro-jazz club. It quickly become the place for local food and where generations meet.

It was inspired by Fia and Kajsa’s inherited jazz collection, amazing products and artisan food from the local community. Jazzköket was born from a burning desire to create a place where locals and visitors alike can eat, drink, talk, share a good time and have fun.

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In collaboration with the music festival and some of the best restaurants in Jämtland and Sweden, we build up a very special part of the festival area called Krogstråket. Set on the harbor of Östersund, seven restaurants open up temporary files. During ten days you can enjoy great food in a unique environment.

Krogstråt Food Festival in Storsjöyran - an unique festival in the north of Sweden.

Following the principles and movement from the New Nordic Kitchen – the purpose of the Nordic Plate is to improve the quality of the food and the professionalism in the public meals – starting from everyday life and everyday meals.

Nordic PlatePromote and improve the quality of cooking and eating practices in Nordic public kitchens

KULTR is a podcast about the cultural intersections, locally and globally. The author Elin Olofsson and Fia Gulliksson interview to guests from all over the world. Producer and co-creator is Ricard Sjöberg.


Food and coffee from the heart of Jämtland.


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