HONORARY DOCTOR in Creative Gastronomy



FIA GULLIKSSON will inspire and help you to crEATe your own organic ecosystem or to build your own profitable brand. She loves to share ideas of Nordic sustainable solutions and entrepreneurship.

FIA GULLIKSSON is your speaker, honorary doctor and businesswoman. Creating multi-cultural ways to successful results with the emphasis on good* food  she runs the business group called FOOD IN ACTION, founded by Fia year 2000.

FIA GULLIKSSON is a self taught chef and also the brain behind many ideas, businesses and projects  At the moment Fia travels the world and inspire others to crEATive action, development and social transformation in their local communities.


*taste, sustainability, health


From the establishment of FOOD IN ACTION in 2006, Fia already had high awareness of sustainable food practices and moderated an event with 1000-chefs during a Slow Food meeting with Alice Waters at Slow Food’s Terra Madre in Turin.

2010 Fia was appointed Food Ambassador for her home region of Jämtland and the city of Östersund was named the first Food Capital of Sweden.

2014 and 2015 Fia moderated the Åre Sustainability Summit.

During 2011-2014 Fia was the radio host for Sweden’s No1 food/lifestyle show Sveriges Radio P1 Meny

Ambassador of Artisan Food appointed by Eldrimner – The National Resource Centre of Artisan Food.

Speaker at the World Food Summit of Culinary Tourism in Gothenburg 2013

Speaker at Terroir Symposium in Toronto, Canada 2014

TEDxÖstersund speaker – Be a passionate potato and change your world, Östersund 2015

Ambassador at Fäviken Magasinet during The Gelinaz Shuffle in 2015

Speaker at the gastronomic event Culinary Action at The Basque Culinary Centre in San Sebastian 2016

Speaker at the launching of Bergen – Creative City of Gastronomy in February 2016

Keynote speaker in Montreal at Concorde University during Nordicité 2016

Appointed as Honorary Doctor PhD in Creative Gastronomy by Mid Sweden University. See her installation speech here (In Swedish only)



How can food, culture, design, art and creativity be used to build sustainable brands? It doesn’t happen by being a couch potato?

Can sustainable food initiatives be profitable? Do gender and core values ​​matter? Why does one need to act like a CIA agent in order to succeed? How does one involve and engage a community?

Fia Gulliksson will tell her story, how she walks her talk, how she built her companies and Nordic brands, how she designs creative, profitable GOOD FOOD* ecosystems. You’ll get the full story and the “recipe” of how to turn your creative idea, a vision or dream into creative action.

Duration: 30-90 minutes.



Can food culture work as a system of sustainable development and a social engine? In the future, will food be valued differently? What is transparency in food production? Why does it matter? What will it look like in the future? Milk without the cow? Will home-growing increase and how will this happen?

Can bugs actually taste good? Can we legislate away wastage? Can new technologies help gastronomy? What will gastronomy jobs look like in the future? Fia presents simple gastronomic predictions based on empirical studies.

Duration: This lecture can be combined with a taste workshop, a pre-dinner activity or drinks. 30-90 minutes.



Let Fia craft a lecture that will suit your needs focused on the direction that you want to develop. Learn hands-on from the successes (and mistakes!) of Fia’s own experience as an entrepreneur and food ambassador working with regional development in her home province.

Book Fia to inspire your community or company with the idea that Gastronomy can be an engine for sustainable development, and for social transformation. Gastronomy is a bridge between regions and countries. Fia shows how this is possible. Something will be cooked during the speech as well and served afterwards.

Duration: This lecture can be tailor made to run between 30-120 minutes.



Krogstråket at the Music-festival Storsjöyran

Fia’s behind the UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy project submitted by Östersund  in 2009, Östersund – Creative City of Gastronomy.
2014 Fias was part of the group that managed to attract UNESCO Creative Cities Annua Meeting, with 117 cities involved, to the region Jämtland to be held in September 2016, UCCN2016 in Östersund. In 2010 she sent out the spark to Bergen, Norway to apply to the UNESCO network. At the end of 2015 they also got appointed.

Fia initiated the gastronomic communication platform Creative Gastronomy for and the magazine Gastronomy JH.


We had the exquisite pleasure of having Fia as speaker at our Food for Cities - Sustainable Urban Rural Food Systems in Copenhagen April 2015. She inspired many with her passionate leadership, no-nonsense approach and became the top tweeted person of the day.

Emil Bruun BlauertExecutive Advisor

Fia is one of the most inspiring individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. An engaging and articulate professional, Fia delivers above and beyond expectation, every time, and on every project she dedicates herself to. Her unlimited energy, combined with her fierce intellect and her great passion for food and communities makes her a force to be reckoned with and a leader in the field.

Carli Ratcliff‘Award-winning food journalist

Fia is a wonderfully inspiring person. Just to be around her gives you energy and a feeling of that anything is possible. Fia is also a remarkable speaker and moderator and have a gift of listening to people. She is really one of a kind in the most positive way!

Maria Svensson WiklanderCEO at Noc Webbyrå AB


How can food, culture, design, art, and creativity be used to build sustainable brands? Fia Gulliksson will tell her story, how she walks her talk, how she built her companies and Nordic brands like Nordic Feast, Jazzköket, Eat Up Food Walks, Eat up Colombia, FlowfoodBRUNKULLANS TE Book Fia Gulliksson as a speaker. Want more info? Connect on #foodinaction .
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