Food in action brings the sweet potato to the forefront

By 23 March, 2018News

Last week, Food in Action organised and hosted a photo shoot with sweet potato as the main ingredient. On the menu was carrot & sweet potato soup infused with Brunkullans rooibos tea, ceviche with roasted sweet potatoes, and sweet potato gnocchi with butter & sage. Do you want more? We also cooked skrei with sweet potato mash & brown butter, oven baked sweet potatoes with ginger butter, and sweet potato scones.

There are so many ways to enjoy sweet potato. Its versatility inspired us and we are sure it will inspire you as well. Plus, you could not imagine all the health benefits. First, they contain a large amount of nutrients: Vitamin C, A, E and B6. Fibres, complex carbohydrates and antioxidants also make it your nutritious friend. And did you know that its sweet aroma is due to storage? It is only after the harvest that the sweet potato starch is slowly transformed into sugar.

This sweet potato feast was a rehearsal for the real feast, which took place on March, the 21st in Stockholm. In collaboration with NomNomStory,  Richard Nystad and Karolina Sparring, a crEATive Lunch Lab was created, based on Sweet Potatoes at the Mosebacke Matstudio in Stockholm. Food In Action’s CEO Fia Gulliksson – moderated the whole event.

But why sweet potato? Fia Gulliksson explains: “Sweet Potato is a healthy all-year around option. Of course it’s great to eat local but things we cannot produce here is better to import – like tea, coffee, sweet potatoes. To enjoy healthy food and drink is everyone’s right. Then it’s important to import good, clean and fairly produced products. In North Carolina they are 450 great farmers united – exporting 35% of their crop to Europe.” Photographer: Tina Stafrén

So stay tuned for we will soon post some of the recipes on this blog. And we guarantee you, your kids will ask for more!