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February 2016

Two Michelin stars to Fäviken – and it’s NOT in the middle of nowhere!

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Congrats to team Fäviken and their amazing eatery to become the first in Sweden outside the capital to claim two Michelin stars. Well deserved for sure. The restaurant has been in international top class for a few years now and in my opinion, a one-of-a-kind most amazing gastronomic experience you ever can imagine.

You often read about Magnus Nilsson and Fäviken as “A Swedish chef running a restaurant in the middle of nowhere”, like in this article from The Local. Fäviken is NOT in the middle of nowhere. This is definitely NOT TRUE. Fäviken is in the middle of an amazing gastronomic region or province called Jämtland. This is where I live. This is what I love. This is #whereicomefrom.

My hometown Östersund – is designated by UNESCO as a Creative City of Gastronomy so not just Fäviken is worth a visit. Yours truly put in the proposal to apply to the network in 2007. Our food, people and culture is the magical driver for a sustainable future up here for sure. In September 2016 we’ll host 117 creative cities for the UCCN2016 – really looking forward to that.

If you’re interested to learn more about this amazing region….welcome to read the magazines GASTRONOMY  No1 and GASTRONOMY  No2. Together with some fabulous locals, the regional tourist office, my company Food In Action, helped produce this gastro platform.

Wan’t to hear more from Magnus and learn about Fäviken? Listen to Kulturpodden – broadcasted by an author friend and me last year. Rural rules.

Gastronomic Soul Sisters and Culinary Action at Basque Culinary Centre in San Sebastian.

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“Build a creative community based on a culture of collaboration and openness.”
These words came from Carina Soto – a new soul sister. A sister of the same “Core Value Family” as mine,  a sister you recognize straight away. Carina is based in Paris and runs the company Quixotic Projects with lot’s of amazing bars.

I met other soul sisters as well, Elena Arzak, Trine Hanemann, Maria Canaball and Gabriella Ranelli. They all work for good, clean and faire food, i.e Slow Food Values and they all make change in their communities and in the world.

We all met during “Culinary Action” on the 1st and 2nd February, at the Basque Culinary Center during the third edition of their International Forum of Entrepreneurs, a special encounter to learn from and exchange experiences, perspectives and management strategies. I was attending and giving a talk on the second day of the forum.

In this edition of the International Forum of Entrepreneurs, special emphasis was placed on urban entrepreneurship, seeking to share with the audience testimonies about how the reality of large cities condition the way we eat, produce and/or distribute food.

Entrepreneurs from around the world
The event, which was part of the Culinary Action initiative, brought together entrepreneurs in the agro-food and gastronomic sector from different parts of the world to San Sebastian. See all the speakers here and look at the resumé of the event below.