What's cookin' at The Food In Action Company Group?

5 March, 2019

Mars på H E I M Food Studio är fyllt med godsaker – tema Hav & Sjö, soppkonsert med Annie Angel & VM runt knuten!

Artisten Annie Angel besöker vår vackra stad och förgyller H E I M i Östersund 28/4 med fantastisk musik. Utställningen ”I hjärtat av Jämtland” fortsätter ännu en månad & vår…
14 February, 2019


Amerikanska världsartisten Devon Gilfillian har Sverigepremiär på H E I M i Östersund 19/2, fotoutställningen ”I Hjärtat av Jämtland” hänger på väggarna & vår Pop Up krog bjuder asiatiskt! Varje…
1 February, 2019

Magnifik musik från H E I M Food Studios lokaler ger eko!

Fia Gullikssons senaste projekt H E I M Food Studio är en plats för hållbar matutveckling. Tre dagar i veckan (onsdag-fredag) förvandlas Studion till en Pop Up restaurang med nya…
16 January, 2019

Eat Up Food Walks – den populära matvandringen – slutsålt i både Östersund och Sundsvall

Lördag den 26 januari är det dags för drygt 400 personer att få smaka på Östersund. Då går upplaga nio av den populära matvandringen Eat Up Foodwalks av stapeln. Det…
1 January, 2019

London Calling!

Fia berättar för Länstidningen om hennes populära ställe H E I M Food Studio och om spännande erbjudanden från London. Läs Artikeln på LTZ!
30 December, 2018

“Fia Gulliksson om 2019: Vill minska skamflygandet och ha modigare politiker”.

Några av Fia Gullikssons förhoppningar inför 2019, fångat av ÖP. I det stora hela handlar det om vikten av en medveten livsstil där vi reflekterar över våra val och dess…
6 November, 2018

Food In Action & Fia Gulliksson till Guldgalan!

Finalist 2018 - Årets Tillväxtinvestering Vi är så glada att Food In Action Company Group & Fia Gulliksson blivit nominerad till Guldgalan i kategorin Årets Tillväxtinvestering. Presentationen lyder enligt nedan:…
16 October, 2018

World Food Day 2018

Food in Action aims at making the world more sustainable thanks to gastronomy. A mother company to diverse sister companies (Brunkullans Te, Flow Food, H E I M Food Studio)…
16 October, 2018

Hip hip hurrah to another successful Eat Up Food Walks in Sundsvall!

Saturday 6th October, almost 500 people gathered in Sundsvall to enjoy GOOD* food (*tasty, sustainable, local, healthy).  Eat Up Food Walks is a franchised concept created by Food in Action…
1 October, 2018

Fia Gulliksson föreläser och leder “breakout session” på Tomorrow’s Food Travel

Den 9-10 oktober är det dags för Tomorrow's Food Travel #TFTSWEDEN, i Göteborg. Under dessa dagar avhandlas framtidens mat och resenärers växande nyfikenhet på måltidsupplevelser, detta med fokus på framtidens…
1 October, 2018

Tomorrow’s Food Travel #TFTSWEDEN – business and research are more efficient when they work together!

The research and business sectors have to work together to tackle the issue of the future of food. That is why our Food in Action team combines chefs, former students…
9 July, 2018

Food in Action on a mission to improve gender equality

On August 28th CEO & Founder Fia Gulliksson will travel to Copenhagen to moderate the Freja Symposium; a meeting that aims improve gender equality in the hospitality industry of the…
9 July, 2018

Eat Up Colombia was a huge success (again)!

The second edition took place the last two week ends (June 2nd and June 9th) in Usaquén, an emblematic neighborhood of Bogota with a great culinary and cultural offer. Indeed,…
16 May, 2018

Food in Action popularizes food as a development tool in Umeå

On Sunday 13rd, Fia Gulliksson, attended the Swedish Workshop 2018 in Umeå. Organised by Visit Sweden in collaboration with Västerbotten in Lapland and Umeå, the event reunited Sweden’s best advocates. The participants gathered…
9 May, 2018

Food in Action helped hack the future of food during FoodHack63

The weekend of May 5th has been quite busy for the Food in Action team! In addition to Eat Up Sundsvall, we co organised a Food Hackaton in Torsta Kunskapscentrum…
18 April, 2018

April 23rd & April 24th, Food in Action goes to Ireland!

Founder & CEO, Fia Gulliksson, is invited in Galway to be a speaker and cook at touRRoir. “A two day cross sector global forum on Food, Tourism and Culture taking…
13 April, 2018

Let’s rewind on Eat Up Östersund #2

Gomorron was one of the stations during Eat Up Östersund. Jenny Sandström, founder & delegate, ANSWERED SOME OF OUR QUESTIONS TWO MONTHS AFTER THE EVENT.   In a few words,…
9 April, 2018

Let’s rewind on Eat Up Östersund #1

Storsjöhyttan was one of the stations of Eat Up Östersund. Nilla Eneroth, one of the two glass blowers, answered some of our questions two months after the event.   In a…
7 April, 2018

Wine marinated beef cheeks

It is getting cold let’s get closer to the stove! Here is the perfect recipe for a Saturday evening. Just forget your meat on the stove (the longer the…
31 March, 2018

Beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese and roasted pumpkin kernels

Bye bye snow! The snow is finally melting up here in the Grand North! We are getting ready to enjoy and cook delicious dishes with fresh ingredients. It´s time to…
29 March, 2018

Food as a means of attractiveness and sustainability and why it inspires Landshypotek Bank

On March 22nd, Fia Gulliksson talked about food as a means of attractiveness and sustainability during the yearly regional meeting of Landshypotek Bank. “Landshypotek Bank finance investments and entrepreneurial advancements…
23 March, 2018

Food in action brings the sweet potato to the forefront

Last week, Food in Action organised and hosted a photo shoot with sweet potato as the main ingredient. On the menu was carrot & sweet potato soup infused with Brunkullans rooibos…
20 March, 2018

Jämtlandsgillets cultural grant to celebrate Food in Action’s commitment for GOOD food

On March, 16th Fia Gulliksson, CEO & Founder of Food in Action, received the “Jämtlandsgillets Kulturstipendium” in Stockholm at Två Grabbar och Kök. This cultural grant was awarded in recognition…
20 March, 2018

Eat Up – Food Walks a tool of social change and sustainable development

Some weeks ago we had the pleasure of interviewing David Medina Andrade. An innovative social entrepreneur and psychologist, he graduated from Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz and founded his own organization…
8 March, 2018

Magic women in the world: Be like Pippi Longstocking – it’s ok to be “eljest”!

As long as I remember Pippi Longstocking has been my role model. She's everything I strive to be. Strong, brave, good-hearted, creative, free, a great friend, a bit wild and she's financially independent.…
23 February, 2018

Be”eljest” if you’re on a mission to change the world!

For decades I have felt and been treated as "eljest" in my cute little hometown Östersund. For decades I've worked hard through Food In Action to change the world through creating GOOD*…
18 January, 2018

Food In Action’s on the rise! New food concepts & co-workers.

The Great Nordic Feast, EatUp, Flowfood and Estefanía! Things are moving fast for Food in Action Company Group at the moment. After the success at Southbank centre in London with The Great Nordic Feast, created…
23 August, 2017

The Great Nordic Feast – London’s 1st celebration of Nordic food

It’s hard to believe that some of our Nordic countries have been in a battle with each other for hundreds of years. Especially since we share the same values of…
2 July, 2017

Success for the wild EATART-festival!

Eat Art Fest - initiated by Food In Action & friends, is the 1st sustainable food and arts festival in Östersund and the region of Jämtland, Sweden. The event was held on…
8 October, 2016

From Chef to Honorary Doctor!

"Food In Action’s Fia Gulliksson takes food, creativity and the countryside seriously. Fia is a successful food artisan, uniting high-quality gastronomy, creativity, and culture with a strong focus on sustainability."…

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