Let’s rewind on Eat Up Östersund #1

By 9 April, 2018Interviews

Storsjöhyttan was one of the stations of Eat Up Östersund. Nilla Eneroth, one of the two glass blowers, answered some of our questions two months after the event.


In a few words, tell us what Eat Up meant to you.

I’m grateful for the good local food we can get, here, in Östersund and which was displayed during Eat Up. Eat Up was very fun. It was a great day. It was something different.

A hundred years ago, it was a tradition in the glass factories to eat in the workshop, to offer guests some food. So when we hosted Chef Richard Nystad during Eat Up it felt very natural to have food cooked and served in our factory.

Is this event going to make you change things about your company to make it more representative of Östersund, the “Nordic lifestyle” or more sustainable?

We already were in the Nordic Style mood before the event.

Fotocred: https://www.storsjohyttan.com

We are a sustainable company: we reuse raw materials from another glass factory. The advantages with that are foremost the low melting temperature and thus the low energy consumption. Moreover there are no melting gases to pollute the working environment because all the glass ingredients are already encapsulated. We are also very proud to have one of the least energy consuming glass melting furnaces, an electric Finish day furnace, which has a daily capacity of 80 kg /40 litres of melted glass. And we are local. Customers buy our products instead of something that has travel. Sustainability, it’s all about being smart.

Would you like to keep joining Food in Action projects?

We have been working with Fia since we opened in 1995, hosting Jazz concerts and pop up diners in our factory. So, yes, of course we want it to go on! We would love to be part of the next Eat Up Östersund.

What has been the financial impact of this event for your company?

Some participants bought products. Some people who first came years ago remembered us. Some came for the first time. But beyond the financial aspect, we did it for the fun and to be part of this great crEATive day. And I really wish I wasn’t working next Saturday to be able to attend Eat Up Åre, as a participant and not as a station.

So if like Nilla you would like to attend our next Eat Up in Åre, book your tickets here!