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May 2018

Food in Action popularizes food as a development tool in Umeå

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On Sunday 13rd, Fia Gulliksson, attended the Swedish Workshop 2018 in Umeå. Organised by Visit Sweden in collaboration with Västerbotten in Lapland and Umeå, the event reunited Sweden’s best advocates.

The participants gathered to discuss how to promote Sweden as a tourist destination. During her speech, Fia Gulliksson laid emphasis on food and gastronomy as leverages to increase local and global development.

Indeed, Food in Action’s mission is to be creative, passionate and hungry game changers of food systems. We believe it’s not merely about shaping diverse teams, but also about building new ways to grow, serve and enjoy food.

Photocred : @gabrieldorch

With projects and concepts like Eat Up Food Walks or crEATive pARty, Food in Action helps develop and strengthen local communities with food at its strategically core. During these events, Food in Action advocates for local food by making it a mandatory aspect to become one of the stations. Why? Because local food means local investment on local producers and thus local development.

But since we also value community at a larger scale, in October 2017, Food in Action organised the Great Nordic Feast in London. The stake? Showing the rest of Europe that the Nordics are THE foodie destination. Since over 40% of all tourists are food-intensive so-called “foodies” who spend more, care more and communicate more[1], it has now become self-evident to rely on them. That’s why Food in Action stakes on food and the Nordics values and specificities to bolster national and regional development.


If you believe food is the creative tool to favour local and global development, contact us.

Want to book Fia as a speaker? Click here.


Food in Action helped hack the future of food during FoodHack63

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The weekend of May 5th has been quite busy for the Food in Action team!

In addition to Eat Up Sundsvall, we co organised a Food Hackaton in Torsta Kunskapscentrum / Grönt Center in Ås. This Hackaton was an event where creative individuals gather during 48 hours and together turn problems into something magical.

The participants, students and young entrepreneurs with an interest in food and technology, modern agriculture, IT & communication, design or tourism development, worked in teams to pitch solutions to the following challenges.


Challenge: How can we reduce Food Waste? With ICA

Winner: “Good Trading” – Challenge Ica Kvantum Lillänge

Prize: You and your team travel to Stockholm where you present the idea to the development department at ICA Sweden


Challenge: How are we going to feed Jämtland in the future? With LRF

Winner: “Jämtland Earth Heroes” – Challenge LRF Youth

Prize: A full day introduction in holistic management including reading about regenerative agriculture with Fjällbete


Challenge: How can we increase the number of Food Artisans? With Eldrimner

Winner: “So seed early” – Challenge Eldrimner

Prize: An internship or a two day course at Eldrimner

Thanks Jenny Sandström, Christina Hedin and Håkan Nilsson for your wise judgment.

About the Food hack

Norrlands first Food Hackathon! Where passionate individuals combine their skills in agriculture, technology, design, communication, logistics and much more in order to reveal todays food challenges. A 48h brainstorming to develop solutions in a creative environment. A great team worked together and strengthened their skills with expertise, work-shop infrastructure, soulfood and power-break sessions to fill up their energy.

Great food from Torsta was proposed to the participants to help them be creative!

Photocred: Fabienne Theiler

Big Lake Coffee and Emil Eklöv also showed the participants how to make coffee in nature (“kokkaffe ») or how to hide your food away from bears.

Photocred: Fabienne Theiler

Special thank to Fabienne Theiler for her amazing work and devotion to this project and to our partners as well for their help and involvement.Watch the recap of this great weekend on Instagram.

Read more about the event on the local medias here.

Thank you to all the participants for their great inputs! “To get there spells together(e)”