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July 2018

Food in Action on a mission to improve gender equality

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On August 28th CEO & Founder Fia Gulliksson will travel to Copenhagen to moderate the Freja Symposium; a meeting that aims improve gender equality in the hospitality industry of the Nordic countries.

Freja Symposium is going to be part of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, the symposium and will serve as the launch for an ongoing campaign to create equal opportunities for leadership and recognition in the Nordic hospitality industry.

About Freja Symposium

“The Nordic countries are known for their equality and for the gastronomic revolution of the ‘new Nordic kitchen’. But for some reason, the gender equality hasn’t made it into the leadership level in the hospitality industry. We want to find out why – and do something about it!

Freja Symposium has been created by an advisory board consisting of Kamilla Seidler, Trine Hahnemann, Lisa Abend, Titti Quarnström, Virginia Anne Newton, Melina Shannon-DiPietro, Marie Sainabou Jeng, Monica Berg and Mette Dahlgaard.

And we hope to be joined by other people of the hospitality industry to network, inspire and decide which actions we should take together to improve gender equality in our industry.” Read more here

About Food in Action

Food In Action aims to improve food systems by using organic, effective and trustable methods; always from a sustainable perspective and by embodying the Nordics’ values of inclusiveness, equality, openness, trust, creativity, sustainability and fairness.

*Photo taken by Tina Stafren during the Nordic Feast in London by Food in Action

Eat Up Colombia was a huge success (again)!

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The second edition took place the last two week ends (June 2nd and June 9th) in Usaquén, an emblematic neighborhood of Bogota with a great culinary and cultural offer.

Indeed, in addition to traditional and modern Colombian food, exotic dishes from Lebanon to Italy was offered to the participants. To experience a complete meal, sweet and savory was proposed as well as drinks (from coffee to beer and rum).

As always during Eat Up Food Walks, multiple creative places were involved. This time, a coworking space, an art gallery and were added to the hype restaurants our two license takers Natalia Londoño & Daniela Moreno selected! Big thanks to them both for their great work! We look forward to working again with them!


Want to discover Usaquén’s creative places? Find out where our food walkers went in our magazine (in spanish only).

In the last edition on april 15th, teenagers from underprivileged neighborhoods volunteered during the day to assist the chefs and waiters in the stations. This work experience is introducing them to new opportunities in life bot most importantly new horizons for life. Some of them now want to work in the catering industry, others have retrieved faith in themselves and in their future. The attestation they obtain at the end of the day is only the material proof of what working for Eat Up Food walks has brought them but you only need to talk to them to hear their enthusiasm and gratitude to know that a deeper change has been achieved.

Want to become a license taker yourself and make a positive change by promoting your city/neighborhood as a hotspot on the culinary map? Contact us and become the new ambassador of GOOD* FOOD!

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