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October 2018

World Food Day 2018

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Food in Action aims at making the world more sustainable thanks to gastronomy. A mother company to diverse sister companies (Brunkullans Te, Flow Food, H E I M Food Studio) and project (Eat Art, Kulturkalaset, Great Nordic Feast, Eat Up Food Walks), Food in Action always bears in mind the environmental, social and economical impact of its actions regarding the planet and the local communities. Through these, we build Good Food Ecosystems. That’s why, to us, World Food Day is everyday.

At H E I M Food Studio, we strongly believe that we still have time to fight climate change and that every little step matters because we are not alone in this fight. As a restaurant, we take extra attention to where the food we cook and serve comes from. To us, it has to be local, organic and fair. At the same time, we acknowledge that to cook Colombian, Mediterranean or French food, we need to import some commodities. The reason we agree to this is because our themed H E I M sessions are a celebration of the many communities gathering in our little town. Indeed, Östersund has a Colombian diaspora as well as citizens from Greek or Syrian or French origins. And it’s also by praising their food that we praise diversity. Food waste can no longer damage our planet and our economy. By choosing to serve pintxos and small dishes, we are improving our supply management. Moreover, our partnership with Torsta Restaurang aims at extending the life of fresh products they cannot sell because it does not meet their volume requirements. And to make sure that the future generation, but also this generate are actors of change for a brighter future, we organise monthly cooking classes: edutainment is key to us and sharing knowledge is the only way to stop working in silo.

Eat Up Food Walks does not only aim at offering a tasty experience to the participants. We also aim at feeding their soul and inspiring them. We like to challenge the stations by making it mandatory to use local, organic, fair products, no matter how difficult the climate makes it here in Sweden. All stations will also cook a vegan alternative. Indeed we agree: our consumption of animal proteins must be reduced. Eat Up Food Walks works as a new way to visit a city but also a new way to connect with your fellow consumers, chefs and producers. Commensality and gathering are key regarding food and Eat Up Food Walks aims at bringing these aspects back into practice.

This week, Food in Action is happy and proud to support the Food for Change Challenge initiated by Slow Food.

Hip hip hurrah to another successful Eat Up Food Walks in Sundsvall!

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Saturday 6th October, almost 500 people gathered in Sundsvall to enjoy GOOD* food (*tasty, sustainable, local, healthy). 

Eat Up Food Walks is a franchised concept created by Food in Action a year ago. Special thanks to our Sundsvall license taker Anna Frisk for her great professional job.

You too can become our license taker and promote your hotspot as a foodie destination. Please do contact us at if you think your food is the place to eat.

Eat Up Food Walks is about 10 creative stations (restaurants, cafés, art galleries, coworking spaces, hotels) doing what they do best – show their passion through action by welcoming guests and cooking for them – in a sustainable way (local sourcing, healthy dishes, commensality & fun). 

Want to know more about the menu and the stations? Please have a look at our magazine!  You can also follow us on Instagram to see some of the amazing dishes cooked during Eat Up and / or read the following article in Sundsvalls Tidning to experience Eat Up Sundsvall by proxy.

But we also have great news to share with you : Eat Up Food Walks is coming back in January! Both in Sundsvall (19th of January – provisional date) and Östersund (27th of January – provisional date). 

So stick around, we’ll keep you posted!

Fia Gulliksson föreläser och leder “breakout session” på Tomorrow’s Food Travel

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Den 9-10 oktober är det dags för Tomorrow’s Food Travel #TFTSWEDEN, i Göteborg. Under dessa dagar avhandlas framtidens mat och resenärers växande nyfikenhet på måltidsupplevelser, detta med fokus på framtidens måltidsturism – matbranschens trender, utveckling och hållbarhet och dess medverkan till turism- och destinationsutveckling. Ett tillfälle med b.l.a internationella forskare, besöksnäringen och fler intressenter inom måltid – en inspirerande mötesplats för interaktion mellan näringsliv och forskning.

Tomorrow’s Food Travel #TFTSWEDEN – näringsliv och forskning är mer effektiva när de jobbar tillsammans!

Forsknings- och näringslivssektorerna måste arbeta tillsammans för att ta itu med frågan om framtidens mat. Vårt Food in Action-team kombinerar därför kockar, tidigare studenter i gastronomi och matkultur samt ingenjörer inom agrikultur. Det är också anledningen till att vårt nya företag HEIM food studio är en inkubator för att testa innovativa sätt för att göda vår planet med välsmakande, hållbara produkter. Vi tror att inkubatorer är ett förkroppsligande av forskning och företag som arbetar tillsammans då det ger möjlighet för ett forskningsområde att växa till ett varaktigt framgångsrikt företag.

Food in Actions grundare, Fia Gulliksson, kommer under dessa dagar leda ett breakout-session, med temat urban matproduktion och föreläsa om kreativ gastronomi.

Som föreläsare samt ledare under ett breakout-session kommer hon att avslöja hur hon lyckades placera sin hemregion, Jämtland, på en hållbar matkarta. Genom att göra det lockade hon inte bara turister till regionen utan övertygade också invånarna om tillgångarna i sin hemvist. På Food in Action är vi övertygade om att en ansvarsfull matturism är nyckeln till en bättre framtid inom den gastronomiska sektorn. Denna framtid måste garantera konsumenternas och producenternas hälsa och ekonomiska välstånd.

Hon är hedersdoktor på Mittuniversitetet för ett antal hållbara varumärken som placerar regionen Jämtland på kartan, inklusive Jazzköket, Eat Up Food Walks, den globala huben H E I M food studio och “Östersund – Creative City of Gastronomy” i UNESCOs nätverk. Genom sitt passionerade engagemang för resurseffektiv och hållbar utveckling är hon en sann inspiration för entreprenörskap, mod och regional utveckling.

Klicka här för mer info om #TFTSWEDEN

Tomorrow’s Food Travel #TFTSWEDEN – business and research are more efficient when they work together!

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The research and business sectors have to work together to tackle the issue of the future of food. That is why our Food in Action team combines chefs, former students in gastronomy and food culture studies, agriculture engineers. That is also the reason why our new home, H E I M Food studio, is an incubator to test innovative ways to feed our planet with tasty, sustainable products. We believe incubators are the embodiment of research and business working together since it offers the possibility for a research subject to grow into a lasting successful business.

Food in Action’s founder, Fia Gulliksson, will attend “Tomorrow’s Food Travel #TFTSWEDEN” in Göteborg on 9th-10th October.

As a speaker and a curator during a break out session, she will expose how she managed to put her home region, Jämtland, on the sustainable food map. By doing so, not only did she attract tourist to the region but also she convinced the inhabitants of the richness of their home.

At Food in Action, we are convinced that responsible food tourism is the key to enable a better future for the food sector. This future will have to guarantee consumers’ and producers’ health and financial wealth.

She is an honorary doctorate at Mittuniversitetet for a number of sustainable brands that put the region Jämtland on the map including Jazzköket, Eat Up Food walks, the global hub H E I M food studio and ”Östersund – Creative City of Gastronomy” in UNESCOs network.

Through her passionate commitment to resource-efficient and sustainable development, she is a true inspiration for entrepreneurship, courage and regional development.

Do you want to have Fia Gulliksson as a moderator, curator or speaker during one of your events? Please contact us!


In other news

Open call

H E I M Food Studio is hiring a chef. We are looking for a professional cook committed to use his or her creativity to promote tasty, sustainable, local food.  

H E I M Food Studio is a makerspace. Devoted to promote our gastronomic region, our H E I M sessions are an ode to our region’s craftsmen and produces (game, cheeses, berries, mushrooms, root vegetables, etc.). We take every opportunity to make a change in the food business and we need the help of a conscientious chef to help us with that. 

We would love to broaden our food horizons by welcoming a hungry game changer from abroad. Come join the H E I M Folket and seize this opportunity to discover one of the UNESCO’s Creative Cities of Gastronomy in the center of Jämtland-Härjedalen, our artisanal food region. 

You think you are the perfect fit? We would love to meet you! Wait no more and contact us