Tomorrow’s Food Travel #TFTSWEDEN – business and research are more efficient when they work together!

By 1 October, 2018News

The research and business sectors have to work together to tackle the issue of the future of food. That is why our Food in Action team combines chefs, former students in gastronomy and food culture studies, agriculture engineers. That is also the reason why our new home, H E I M Food studio, is an incubator to test innovative ways to feed our planet with tasty, sustainable products. We believe incubators are the embodiment of research and business working together since it offers the possibility for a research subject to grow into a lasting successful business.

Food in Action’s founder, Fia Gulliksson, will attend “Tomorrow’s Food Travel #TFTSWEDEN” in Göteborg on 9th-10th October.

As a speaker and a curator during a break out session, she will expose how she managed to put her home region, Jämtland, on the sustainable food map. By doing so, not only did she attract tourist to the region but also she convinced the inhabitants of the richness of their home.

At Food in Action, we are convinced that responsible food tourism is the key to enable a better future for the food sector. This future will have to guarantee consumers’ and producers’ health and financial wealth.

She is an honorary doctorate at Mittuniversitetet for a number of sustainable brands that put the region Jämtland on the map including Jazzköket, Eat Up Food walks, the global hub H E I M food studio and ”Östersund – Creative City of Gastronomy” in UNESCOs network.

Through her passionate commitment to resource-efficient and sustainable development, she is a true inspiration for entrepreneurship, courage and regional development.

Do you want to have Fia Gulliksson as a moderator, curator or speaker during one of your events? Please contact us!


In other news

Open call

H E I M Food Studio is hiring a chef. We are looking for a professional cook committed to use his or her creativity to promote tasty, sustainable, local food.  

H E I M Food Studio is a makerspace. Devoted to promote our gastronomic region, our H E I M sessions are an ode to our region’s craftsmen and produces (game, cheeses, berries, mushrooms, root vegetables, etc.). We take every opportunity to make a change in the food business and we need the help of a conscientious chef to help us with that. 

We would love to broaden our food horizons by welcoming a hungry game changer from abroad. Come join the H E I M Folket and seize this opportunity to discover one of the UNESCO’s Creative Cities of Gastronomy in the center of Jämtland-Härjedalen, our artisanal food region. 

You think you are the perfect fit? We would love to meet you! Wait no more and contact us