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March 2018

Beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese and roasted pumpkin kernels

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Bye bye snow!

The snow is finally melting up here in the Grand North! We are getting ready to enjoy and cook delicious dishes with fresh ingredients. It´s time to celebrate the arrival of spring!


  • 10 cooked beets
  • 3 tablespoons pumpkin kernels
  • 4-5 tablespoons of fine olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • 10 slices of any goat cheese, aged or white caprine
  • Salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper


  1. Boil and peel the beetroots
  2. Slice them thin with a cheese slicer
  3. Dress a plate
  4. Ring over oil / vinegar
  5. Slice over cheese just before serving
  6. Salt and pepper to taste

Smaklig måltid!

Food as a means of attractiveness and sustainability and why it inspires Landshypotek Bank

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On March 22nd, Fia Gulliksson talked about food as a means of attractiveness and sustainability during the yearly regional meeting of Landshypotek Bank.

“Landshypotek Bank finance investments and entrepreneurial advancements that are aimed at the development of the countryside. Landshypotek’s fundamental mission is to finance the investments of the farmers and foresters, and has remained the same since founded in 1836.”

“We are a unique niche bank, we are a cooperative bank owned by our members and we challenge the prices for farming and forestry industries to offer the best rates possible. The profit we earn is invested back into the agricultural and farming industry for continuous growth and development.”

These values echo Food in Action’s core beliefs. Indeed, our mission is to inspire and work with other creative, passionate and hungry game changers of food systems. We believe it’s not merely about shaping diverse teams, but also about building new ways to grow, serve and enjoy food. So Landshypotek Bank’s commitment to farming and forestry industries reflects Food in Action’s will to change the world through gastronomy since one cannot go without the other.

Fia Gulliksson was invited to inspire the audience with her professional experience. In her presentation, she retraced her projects and initiatives as well as her successful technique to overcome difficulties and bring her ideas to life: “Be a passionate potato!”.

Learn more about Fia Gulliksson’s speaker’s skills here

If you want Fia Gulliksson to moderate, host or speak at one of your events, please contact her at 

Food in action brings the sweet potato to the forefront

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Last week, Food in Action organised and hosted a photo shoot with sweet potato as the main ingredient. On the menu was carrot & sweet potato soup infused with Brunkullans rooibos tea, ceviche with roasted sweet potatoes, and sweet potato gnocchi with butter & sage. Do you want more? We also cooked skrei with sweet potato mash & brown butter, oven baked sweet potatoes with ginger butter, and sweet potato scones.

There are so many ways to enjoy sweet potato. Its versatility inspired us and we are sure it will inspire you as well. Plus, you could not imagine all the health benefits. First, they contain a large amount of nutrients: Vitamin C, A, E and B6. Fibres, complex carbohydrates and antioxidants also make it your nutritious friend. And did you know that its sweet aroma is due to storage? It is only after the harvest that the sweet potato starch is slowly transformed into sugar.

This sweet potato feast was a rehearsal for the real feast, which took place on March, the 21st in Stockholm. In collaboration with NomNomStory,  Richard Nystad and Karolina Sparring, a crEATive Lunch Lab was created, based on Sweet Potatoes at the Mosebacke Matstudio in Stockholm. Food In Action’s CEO Fia Gulliksson – moderated the whole event.

But why sweet potato? Fia Gulliksson explains: “Sweet Potato is a healthy all-year around option. Of course it’s great to eat local but things we cannot produce here is better to import – like tea, coffee, sweet potatoes. To enjoy healthy food and drink is everyone’s right. Then it’s important to import good, clean and fairly produced products. In North Carolina they are 450 great farmers united – exporting 35% of their crop to Europe.” Photographer: Tina Stafrén

So stay tuned for we will soon post some of the recipes on this blog. And we guarantee you, your kids will ask for more!

Jämtlandsgillets cultural grant to celebrate Food in Action’s commitment for GOOD food

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On March, 16th Fia Gulliksson, CEO & Founder of Food in Action, received the “Jämtlandsgillets Kulturstipendium” in Stockholm at Två Grabbar och Kök. This cultural grant was awarded in recognition for her “valuable efforts for Jämtland food”.

A food and sustainability advocate, Fia Gulliksson has put Jämtland in the heart of Sweden. Fia uses food and culture as tools for sustainable profits. With her, Food in Action has launched a number of successful initiatives and sustainable brands like The Great Nordic Feast, Eat Up Food Walks, Flowfood and prizewinning Jazzkoket. She is also behind her hometown Östersund’s successful bid to become a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and the host city of the network’s annual summit in September 2016.

Click here for more information about Food in Action’s accomplishments on GOOD* food.

Picture of Fia Gulliksson receiving the cultural grand

Fia Gulliksson receiving the cultural grand

*taste, sustainability, equality, localThe grant was given by the Jämtlandsgillets, an association founded in 1923 to promote interest in Jämtland, its history and culture and contribute to good cohesion between members across Sweden. A total of 20 people benefited from this cultural grant. The association meets every year in mid-March but the grant is only awarded every second year.

Congratulations Fia!


Eat Up – Food Walks a tool of social change and sustainable development

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Some weeks ago we had the pleasure of interviewing David Medina Andrade. An innovative social entrepreneur and psychologist, he graduated from Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz and founded his own organization to improve the mental health of adolescent victims of armed conflict. In their first year, they were awarded the prize fellowship Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative created by former President Barack Obama.

Fundacion Qubo partner of Eat Up in Bogota.

The Foundation will provide hosts for the 10 stations in Bogotá. The main goal of the alliance is to promote new ways of enjoying gastronomy as a cultural expression and empower Colombian teenagers to use their talents and gain social and cultural benefits.

One of the main goals of Eat Up and Food in Action is to improve the world we live in through gastronomy.

What is Fundacion Qubo?

Fundación Qubo is in honor of Rubik´s cube, in gratitude for his creativity and for developing intelligence with his game. Fundación Qubo empowers adolescents and young people by teaching them entrepreneurship, innovation, and Civil Rights to influence the government, private companies and civil society. We believe that young people can develop projects and their companies as well as obtain a better impact and influence when they know how to obtain financial and technical resources from government, private companies and civil society to make their dream come true and do what they really want to do, not what life offers them.

Why entrepreneurship, innovation and Civil Rights (Human Rights)?

Entrepreneurship is the essence of human being. To seek objectives, opportunities, persuasion, independence, and trustfulness are competencies that all human being use to get what they want. However, sometimes they use them only to do what they have to do because of a lack of resources. We want and believe that they can accomplish their dreams, even if they do not have the means, the leverage, and power to do it.

Innovation, because, time demonstrates us that every second, things are changing. We cannot solve a problem with old initiatives that have failed. We need to constantly reinvent to obtain betters results.

And Civil Rights because as a human being you cannot be an entrepreneur and innovator who does not respect other’s freedom and discriminate others due to their sexual orientation, sex, gender, religion, race, nationality. As an entrepreneur, you must see just knowledge and abilities to work with the people, not what they think about politics or who they love.

Picture of David Medina Andrade

David Medina Andrade

How will an education promoting entrepreneurship help young people in Colombia?

Youth Unemployment was 15.8%  in 2017. It is one of the highest rates in Latin America. If we teach young people how to avoid to be unemployed, and furthermore, how they can achieve their dreams and gain experience with their projects, we are going to decrease this rate.

Who are your partners?

This project is being developed with the support of Constructora Bolívar (Bolívar Construction Company), one of the companies belonging to one of the most important economic enterprise groups in Colombia, called Grupo Bolívar.

Qubo did an alliance with this company to work with the residents of complexes built by Constructora Bolívar: 30 adolescents and young residents of Parque Campestre (Countryside Park) in Soacha, Cundinamarca, a village with several problems of criminal gangs, extreme poverty, micro- traffic and forced displacement. Our objective is to co-create at least 5 projects to benefit their community and benefiting themselves with the incomes that will generate those social enterprises, while they are learning basic knowledge about gastronomy. Besides, this project will be supported by Sena and its trainers who are going to teach them how to cook.

What is PazArte el tazón and why did you choose gastronomy as a tool to train the participants of the course?

PazArte el Tazón is a program to train adolescents in entrepreneurship and innovation thought gastronomy. It uses dialogue in the kitchen as a tool to obtain new solutions to problems in their communities. Gastronomy is a cultural expression. Not everyone likes sports but everyone eats. And gastronomy is not just the study of food. It is about why people use restaurants to make meetings or bars to do business.

We believe that gastronomy is a cultural art belonging to everyone. Gastronomy is about relationships, created when people cook and eat, so, it is a great tool to train our participants with UnderStake methodology.

Picture of David Medina Andrade

David Medina Andrade

What do you think about the collaboration between Food in Action – Eat up and your NGO?

I see in Food In Action and Eat Up the entrepreneurship. I think that this collaboration will provide us with a new experience. We will learn how to better use gastronomy to empower and motivate teenagers who like cooking and create projects.

Through this partnership, Fundacion Qubo offers a first job opportunity in gastronomy to the teenagers he supports. As for Food In action, the company continues its commitment to sustainable, socially inclusive food.

Find more information on Eat Up – Food walks here

More information on Fundacion Qubo here (in Spanish only)

Edited by Maïssoun Chami

Magic women in the world: Be like Pippi Longstocking – it’s ok to be “eljest”!

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As long as I remember Pippi Longstocking has been my role model. She’s everything I strive to be. Strong, brave, good-hearted, creative, free, a great friend, a bit wild and she’s financially independent. If you’re like Pippi you’re a bit “eljest” in most societies. Eljest being a bit odd or otherwise. Our structural norms don’t value female Pippi’s the same as a man person with the same qualities. The reason’s for that is the patriarchal structures that make us all biased.

But finally, the press AND men like Rene Redzepi are realising that bringing in Pippi’s or ie female game changer will improve and make the global food scene better than ever! Gender equality in the gastronomy world might be even more important than in other areas since our business is so unequal!

Not taking in and value Pippi’s and the female aspects in the food world is like running a marathon – jumping on only one leg!

On March 4th the Food in Action team went to Malmö to join the 4th edition of Parabere Forum, an independent international platform featuring women’s views and voices on major food issues. “

During 2 days we had the beautiful opportunity to get inspired by 402 amazing and brave Pippi’s from around the globe. We have learned so many incredible things, but the most important of all, we have learned that we are not alone in this fight.

Parader Forum

Many magic Pippi´s at Parabere Forum in Malmö 4-5th of March 2018


Listen. Learn. Share. Repeat!

An English Pippi thaught us all about aquaponics and that salad could be social. Growing urban food in a sustainable way is possible even if you live in a big city like London. We discovered that edible ideas finally have a home in Malmö with Gro’ up thanks to many strong Pippi’s. They run an inclusive space where everyone can explore and develop new sustainable ways to enjoy food culture. A Pippi from Sydney made us realise that even “useless” urban spaces can give a lot of opportunities to build your own garden and delicious-organic vegetables or fruits. Many and impressive Yalla-Pippi’s uses food as an integration tool to cook up social sustainability in any city or community of the world.

Documentary Australia Foundation

Documentary Australia Foundation

A very brave French Pippi taught us new ways of how to use bread as an ingredient, avoiding waste. We laughed until tears while listening to a gobsmacking funny Brittish Pippi about”sitopia” and hoe food shapes our cities. We were moved to tears whilst listening to an amazing Pippi with roots from South Africa made her dream of nourishing a country, while reducing food waste, came true.

We applauded and acclaimed the moment when one of the best chefs of the world – René Redzepi from Noma – said he want’s to make the new Noma the best workplace in the world through team equality, empowering females and zero tolerance to “asshole” behavior.

Solving issues around how we are biased when it comes to gender and general equality will bring people to new levels of creativity.

Hearing these words from one of the most powerful men in the food world wraps us the message to all magic women in the world: Be a Pippi Longstocking – dear to be “eljest”. Now there’s much more room for us!

It will probably also make new Noma the No1 restaurant in the world as well!

Yours truly / Fia – Food In Action