Food as a means of attractiveness and sustainability and why it inspires Landshypotek Bank

By 29 March, 2018News

On March 22nd, Fia Gulliksson talked about food as a means of attractiveness and sustainability during the yearly regional meeting of Landshypotek Bank.

“Landshypotek Bank finance investments and entrepreneurial advancements that are aimed at the development of the countryside. Landshypotek’s fundamental mission is to finance the investments of the farmers and foresters, and has remained the same since founded in 1836.”

“We are a unique niche bank, we are a cooperative bank owned by our members and we challenge the prices for farming and forestry industries to offer the best rates possible. The profit we earn is invested back into the agricultural and farming industry for continuous growth and development.”

These values echo Food in Action’s core beliefs. Indeed, our mission is to inspire and work with other creative, passionate and hungry game changers of food systems. We believe it’s not merely about shaping diverse teams, but also about building new ways to grow, serve and enjoy food. So Landshypotek Bank’s commitment to farming and forestry industries reflects Food in Action’s will to change the world through gastronomy since one cannot go without the other.

Fia Gulliksson was invited to inspire the audience with her professional experience. In her presentation, she retraced her projects and initiatives as well as her successful technique to overcome difficulties and bring her ideas to life: “Be a passionate potato!”.

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