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Magic women in the world: Be like Pippi Longstocking – it’s ok to be “eljest”!

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As long as I remember Pippi Longstocking has been my role model. She’s everything I strive to be. Strong, brave, good-hearted, creative, free, a great friend, a bit wild and she’s financially independent. If you’re like Pippi you’re a bit “eljest” in most societies. Eljest being a bit odd or otherwise. Our structural norms don’t value female Pippi’s the same as a man person with the same qualities. The reason’s for that is the patriarchal structures that make us all biased.

But finally, the press AND men like Rene Redzepi are realising that bringing in Pippi’s or ie female game changer will improve and make the global food scene better than ever! Gender equality in the gastronomy world might be even more important than in other areas since our business is so unequal!

Not taking in and value Pippi’s and the female aspects in the food world is like running a marathon – jumping on only one leg!

On March 4th the Food in Action team went to Malmö to join the 4th edition of Parabere Forum, an independent international platform featuring women’s views and voices on major food issues. “

During 2 days we had the beautiful opportunity to get inspired by 402 amazing and brave Pippi’s from around the globe. We have learned so many incredible things, but the most important of all, we have learned that we are not alone in this fight.

Parader Forum

Many magic Pippi´s at Parabere Forum in Malmö 4-5th of March 2018


Listen. Learn. Share. Repeat!

An English Pippi thaught us all about aquaponics and that salad could be social. Growing urban food in a sustainable way is possible even if you live in a big city like London. We discovered that edible ideas finally have a home in Malmö with Gro’ up thanks to many strong Pippi’s. They run an inclusive space where everyone can explore and develop new sustainable ways to enjoy food culture. A Pippi from Sydney made us realise that even “useless” urban spaces can give a lot of opportunities to build your own garden and delicious-organic vegetables or fruits. Many and impressive Yalla-Pippi’s uses food as an integration tool to cook up social sustainability in any city or community of the world.

Documentary Australia Foundation

Documentary Australia Foundation

A very brave French Pippi taught us new ways of how to use bread as an ingredient, avoiding waste. We laughed until tears while listening to a gobsmacking funny Brittish Pippi about”sitopia” and hoe food shapes our cities. We were moved to tears whilst listening to an amazing Pippi with roots from South Africa made her dream of nourishing a country, while reducing food waste, came true.

We applauded and acclaimed the moment when one of the best chefs of the world – René Redzepi from Noma – said he want’s to make the new Noma the best workplace in the world through team equality, empowering females and zero tolerance to “asshole” behavior.

Solving issues around how we are biased when it comes to gender and general equality will bring people to new levels of creativity.

Hearing these words from one of the most powerful men in the food world wraps us the message to all magic women in the world: Be a Pippi Longstocking – dear to be “eljest”. Now there’s much more room for us!

It will probably also make new Noma the No1 restaurant in the world as well!

Yours truly / Fia – Food In Action

Be”eljest” if you’re on a mission to change the world!

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For decades I have felt and been treated as “eljest” in my cute little hometown Östersund. For decades I’ve worked hard through Food In Action to change the world through creating GOOD* food systems, brands and project.

Even though my work has been rewarded and successful in many ways it hasn’t always been easy to be a passionate potato. But just recently – all this have changed! *taste, sustainable, healthy, culture

I’m sure you all know about the small town syndrome – when people’s thoughts about life are limited by a mental box. This can make creative people feel trapped and suffocated – longing to be in another place with more mental hight – full of likeminded that wants to change the world for the better through their creative actions.

Ever felt the need of being surrounded by wholehearted people in a place where prestige and master suppression techniques are not part of the daily life? I feel that need and now it’s all here. In Östersund.

Fia Gulliksson

Food in Action @Gomorron

The little town is not suffering from the small town syndrome anymore. Right now Östersund is the coolest little hotspot in the world! And being “eljest” – a bit odd, otherwise or different – might be the new Swedish word taking the world by storm. Just as “hygge” and “lagom” has done. Östersund’s football club ÖFK and a new cool co-working space Gomorron Östersund broke the mental ice barriers in my sporty Winter City. Now it feels like a Creative City for real. Anything is possible and the mental limits are no longer boxed in folks!

Thank You Daniel Kindberg, Graham Potter and ÖFK for daring beeing “eljest”. Thanks Gomorron Östersund for creating a space for wholehearted people. Your love power, people and existence really help the journey for the rest of us “eljest” people that have worked passionate, crEATive and cross-sectoral for decades! I’m now convinced to start a new business in Östersund – thanks to the mind-shift in our town.

Here’s the best version of the magic Saga behind ÖFK’s groundbreaking method of beeing and acting”eljest”. Watch video here

Fia Gulliksson – CEO & Founder

Food In Action’s on the rise! New food concepts & co-workers.

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The Great Nordic Feast, EatUp, Flowfood and Estefanía!

Things are moving fast for Food in Action Company Group at the moment. After the success at Southbank centre in London with The Great Nordic Feast, created and managed by Food in Action in the end of 2017, we’re now moving from clarity to clarity. Building new strong sustainable food concepts and brands – is really our thing! To manage this, new co-worker Estefania and new business partners have joined the group!

The Great Nordic Feast took London by storm!

With more than 1400 people enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner (over 4 days). Nearly 30 magic chefs and bakers from Nordics & UK cooked up a fantastic feast. By following an organic strategy for communication, based on Nordic core values, we managed to reach out way beyond what any PR- campaign can possibly do.

  • The #nordicfeast reached 1,7 million users on Twitter and 685 000 users on Instagram
  • Publicity reached 107,5 million in the UK with 39 media including 2 broadcast, 13 national, 10 regional & 14 social media

To get there spells together(e)

Eat Up is Food In Action’s latest concept.


Eat Up – is a daytime culinary/culture experience in exciting places, starting off in the middle of Scandinavia – and in Bogota, Columbia.

Eat up Food walks contains 10 stops and 10 taste sensations and in the end, a gathering with live music and an open bar. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the tastiest treats of good, local food at exciting places, created by passionate people.

During the walk, you’ll meet and have conversations with other food lovers and invited creators and chefs. Eat Up will take you to shops, restaurants, cafés and crEATive places, initially in four different places: Östersund, Åre, Bogota and Trondheim. Follow Eatup on Instagram or Facebook

Flowfood is Happy food!

Flowfood is simply smart and healthy plant-based food. A new food product, Food In Action company group with new business partners Norwegian Algae and Richard Nystadt, are the developers of Flowfood’s new products. They contain algaes and greens from the Nordic sea and soil. No GMO, no funny fungus, no processed soy. It’s for folks that want to eat less or no meat. For a happy you and a happier planet!

On the 18th of February, you’ll be able to taste Flowfood Mince at Gress Messen in Oslo . You’ll find us on the stand together with Engros Frukt & Grønt.

From Barcelona to Östersund! Welcome, Estefania Coral – Food In Action’s new co-worker!

Estefania is born and raised in Bogota, Colombia and recently moved to Östersund, Sweden via Barcelona. Why? – Well, I completely fell in love with the landscape, the purity of the air, the amazing food and the wonderful people, she says.

As a chef with a Master Degree in Culture/Arts Management and Diploma in social responsibility within agriculture, we’re sure to fall in love with her as well! Sweden really needs talents like Estafania’s -and we’re happy to announce Estafania will be in charge of Eat Up food walks and do cooking courses for teenagers within Food in Action. She’s also a wizard on SoMe if you need any help?


The Great Nordic Feast – London’s 1st celebration of Nordic food

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It’s hard to believe that some of our Nordic countries have been in a battle with each other for hundreds of years. Especially since we share the same values of equality, openness, simplicity, trust, and compassion.

It’s deeply rooted in all Nordic cultures and in turn, leads to a core system of beliefs, when it comes to leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Even though we don’t fight any longer, it’s still groundbreaking that eight Nordic destinations will come together to serve up London’s 1st celebration of the tastiest treats from the lands of the midnight sun. We call it The Great Nordic Feast. And it will be one great feast, I promise! And guess if I’m proud to be part of this!

You will be introduced to some of the most top culinary talents from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland as well as the lesser-known Nordic regions of Åland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Together with some of UK’s most interesting and influential chefs, they will cook up a Nordic storm. And for a change, at least in the Food world, it’s an event where the majority of the really skilled chefs happen to be women!

The Great Nordic Feast is all about connecting talented and passionate chefs and people through good food, our lifestyle (including cooking on fire), clean ingredients, foraging, equality, and inclusiveness. The Nordic soils and landscape are among the most pristine on the planet, the changing seasons and the wilderness on our doorstep can make every day an adventure.

The authenticity, composure, and the relaxed attitude of people in The Nordics make it straightforward to live, work, travel, and experience. We want to share that. Good food, passionate people and our love of nature are the connections. We would love if you want to join us at The Great Nordic Feast and maybe later – please come visit us for real?

Learn more on

Fia Gulliksson – Project manager of The Great Nordic Feast. It’s OK to just call me a “Passionate Potato” as well.

Success for the wild EATART-festival!

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Eat Art Fest – initiated by Food In Action & friends, is the 1st sustainable food and arts festival in Östersund and the region of Jämtland, Sweden. The event was held on 17 – 18 June 2017 and was organised by more than 25 local organisations and partners. Watch video here

7.000 visitors had the opportunity to taste artisan food and out-door cooking, witness the performances with more than 50 local artisan, chefs, artist and dancers taking part.

Invited chefs came from across the globe including Barcelona, Vancouver Island, London, Crete, Paris, Bogotá and Stockholm. Together they performed a “Cultural Bonanza where nearly 400 people attended. The party called “crEATive Östersund” where all senses get involved.


The 24 hour festival was rounded with an extra focus on a better world. Östersund was appointed as UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2011. For further information, more photos and film, please visit

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Photo & filmcred to; Robert HenrikssonJohan Hallström & Tina Stafrén


From Chef to Honorary Doctor!

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Food In Action’s Fia Gulliksson takes food, creativity and the countryside seriously. Fia is a successful food artisan, uniting high-quality gastronomy, creativity, and culture with a strong focus on sustainability.”

With these words it was announced that Fia Gulliksson will be awarded an honorary doctorate from Mid Sweden University on the 14th of October 2016. Appointed for her work with numerous sustainable brands that have put Jämtland on the map, including “Östersund – Creative City of Gastronomy” in UNESCO’s network, the Jazzkitchen restaurant, Gastronomy JH and Brunkullan Tea Company.

– “From Chef to Honorary Doctor, I’m still trying to digest the news. I’m of course incredibly proud and happy and will do everything I can to deserve it”, says Fia.


Food In Action, with Fia at the forefront, has just concluded a major concept for the UCCN2016 week, when the world came to visit Jämtland and crEATive Östersund. Over 50 international chefs and gastronomes participated in a cultural festival that will go down in Östersund’s history, including Cultural Kitchen from Finland, Mette Helbæk from Danmark, Food Studio and Chefs Dinner from Norge, and Jamal Hashi from NYC. How Jamal got here is an amazing story you can read here.

Festivities were organised for UNESCO delegates from almost 120 cities in 55 countries, and for local residents. Apropos the way in which rural events are not publicised in big cities, it is still remarkable that this UN meeting and the food and culture week were not covered by Sweden’s national media.

Fia has just returned home from an exciting guest appearance in “Dinner with a view”, an event that was held in the mountains south-east of Krakow, Poland. She and Chef Malika created an outstanding luxury dinner, 13 servings, all prepared al fresco over an open fire.

Watch this teaser from “Dinner with a view”

“Just the way we do things at home in Jämtland, when we enjoy the best of our green gold, our nature and ingredients, I felt right at home”, says Fia proudly.

Her passionate commitment to resource efficiency and sustainable development, as well as her confidence and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and regional development are genuinely inspiring. So inspiring it attracts people from all over the world, like Carli Ratcliff – a freelance journalist who writes for Monocle, among others.

“I’’d like to quote the journalist Carli Ratcliff. She says that it’s time for Nordic rural areas to realise that our ‘ordinary’ is extremely attractive, a new type of luxury, and that this is ‘extraordinary’ for visitors and businesspeople from around the world. Managing this treasure and crEATive capital is my aim in life,” says Fia.

In addition to travelling the world and providing inspiration for more crEATive capital, the founder of Food In Action is currently writing a book with the working title: crEATive food & action -the essentials for sustainable business and real profit.

Book Fia for a workshop, a lecture or a guest appearance here!

How New York chef Jamal will cook at crEATive Östersund!

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Chef Jamal Hashi dialed Sweden as part of The Swedish Number initiative. He randomly (and happily!) connected with me and we discovered that we had a mutual love of *Good Food and sustainable community. 

*taste, sustainability, equality

Jamal is now on his way to Östersund as part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Conferencewhere he will participate in many events, including cooking for locals and UNESCO delegates at crEATive Östersund this week.

Jamal and more then 70 food friends from all over the world is coming and helping to create the collective event we call crEATive. More then 40 of them are staying at our home in many different ways. This cool house boat from Ottossons Bygg will host some of them.

Jamal has been cooking for more than 15 years across my the US, including a large project in Minneapolis, called Safari Restaurant, which serves as a community hub for Somalis and other East African communities residing in Minnesota. It had just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. A similar project in NYC, the Safari Restaurant Harlem, is the first Somali restaurant in New York City. The restaurant was named the Best African Restaurant by New York Times and the Village Voice, three months after the launch in June 2015.

Jamal has also served on the Board of the American Swedish Institute (2012-2015) and the Somali-American Chamber of Commerce African Business Association of Minnesota. It is amazing what can happen when you pick up the phone!

To get there spells together(e)

The New York Times wrote about this.

Swedish Tourist Association, in honor of the 250th anniversary of the country abolishing censorship, recently created a phone number that lets people from anywhere in the world instantly connect with a Swede.

Get connected to a random Swede and talk about anything.

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crEATive Östersund – To get there spells together(e)

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Great things, you don’t want to miss, is happening in my little cool town. Nearly 120 amazing hero friends from all over the world are helping out to make the event crEATive Östersund superduperspecial. Get your tickets now! In addition there’s a whole week of sustainable culture and mostly eatable events as well. Gastronomy and Culture week.

Here’s some highlighted events during this week.

– TEDxÖstersund

– Creative Business

You have to see this amazing teaser on TEDx done by my talented friends Daniel Sidevärn & David Engdhal at STUM based in Östersund.

HUNGRY for best imaginable Food and Film festival, all over Jämtland next weekend?

How come all this in one week? Cause we love it here. And we see good food, culture and creativity as an essentiell part that’s integrated in our every day life. Not just an “add-on”!

“Where I come from, true enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, motivated and committed people have chosen a life in Sweden’s rural areas. We call this place home. We are part of an emerging future and we want to showcase that future to the world. We are the ones chasing the freedom to choose where we want to live and work. We embrace change and innovation with an open mind and we are the game changers who are here to stay.” TEDxÖstersund

The feeling of being in the middle of the world is really highlighted right now cause where hosting UNESCOs Creative Citites Network 10th annual meeting as well. An event I’ve lobbied to get here for nearly a decade.

Pack your bags and join us! We love building longer tables – not higher fence.

Visiting Sweden or Jämtland? Let me be your Loadstar please…

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First I need to explain the word Loadstar. It means: A star used to guide seafaring travellers, most typically Polaris, the North Star. Something that acts as a model or inspiration.

“Lodestars Anthology, an independent magazine-meets-journal for curious globeatrotters who long to be inspired, see the world and meet interesting characters along the road. Focusing on one country per issue, it is a scrapbook of place, getting to the heart of a location and uncovering its quirks, charm and splendour.”

The latest issue of Loadstar Anthology is about Sweden. Proud and  happy to be featured on six pages amongst great people, imposing stories, our region Jämtland and many other magnificent musts, spots and happenings in Sweden. Of course it’s a lot about how to build sustainable ecosystems using culture, nature, food and creativity as drivers.

Anyhow – Loadstar Anthology is an absolutely stunning magazine with inspiring features, exquisite photos and dazzling drawings. So stylish and purely just beautiful. A must if you want to come here one day or if you just love Sweden. Read more about Loadstar or just go ahead and order a copy.

If you’re visiting Jämtland like the talented writer Carli Ratcliff did: Let me be your Loadstar please.
#foodinaction #uccn2016 #creativeöstersund #loadstarsanthology #fotograftina


New networks, food feminism and organic ecosystems are crafted all over Europe, Creative Östersund and our region is part of it.

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Last week it was the launching of two new Gastronomy Cities in UNESCOs network for Creative Citites. First it was Gaziantep (the home of Baklava) in Turkey and then Bergen in Norway.

At the reception-dinner in Istanbul for Gaziantep, Mr Tim Curtis, Head of UNESCOs Intangible Heritage Division, said: “The Creative Citites Networks is devoted to the promotion of culture in all it’s forms, as a driver of sustainable development, bringing together smart people and innovative ideas. Culture brings us together against ignorance, violence and rejection of the other” This is the spirit of the UNESCO Creative City Network”


I must say this is the spirit of why My Town Östersund as well since we became apart of the Network. It connects people in the region like me and other entrepreneurs with like-minded people on the globe.  But we have lot’s to learn still and we have lot’s more we can do – that’s why networks are so important. In September Östersund is hosting the whole network with 116 cities at UCCN2016, I bet we’ll learn lots then.

Both in Gaziantep and in Bergen I met so many amazing women (and some men) running all kinds of sustainable food projects and building new food systems. For instense Agnes V. Tvinnereim from Bærekraftig liv på Landås, in Norway.




Now I’m in Copenhagen at inspiring Københavns Madhus. Their missions are many, for instance; City of Copenhagen has a target to reach 90% organic food in public kitchens before end of May this year. Now 87%!. Pretty impressive isn’t? Behind this huge project – a great women called Anne-Birgitte “Gigger” Agger and many more. They also help other municipalities in the Nordic Countries, as consultants, with strategies for profitibale GOOD FOOD*

*taste, sustainability, equality

Tomorrow hundreds of chefs, producers and sommeliers from all over the world, mostly all females, are attending the second addition of Parabere Forum in Bari, Italy. Parabere was started by a woman, Maria Canabal. Katja Nykvist – chef and sommelier at Jazzköket in Östersund and me will represent Creative City of Östersund and the region at the meeting.

“Parabere aims to create a powerful, global network in order to strengthen the influence of women in the food sector.

Parabere formulates and promotes innovative action plans and debates to encourage women’s contribution to the food sector and to promote diversity in gastronomy.

By sharing stories, successes and problems, the more we will accelerate and help close the  gender gap in the gastronomical sector.”
See this clip from CNN from last years addition of Parabere.

Why is Food Feminism important and why do we need to close the gender gap? Well – all evidence show that if we have an equal world the future of the planet will be much more sustainable.  Much more in balance.

Empowering women is a pillar for a better world. The above picture is also a reason why. To get there spells together(e), in balance. Some of the best initiatievs changing our food systems to organic ecosystems – are powered by women! #empowerwomen #parabereforum #foodinaction #uccn2016 #östersund #womensday #foodfeminism #creativeostersund