crEATive Östersund – To get there spells together(e)

By 9 September, 2016News

Great things, you don’t want to miss, is happening in my little cool town. Nearly 120 amazing hero friends from all over the world are helping out to make the event crEATive Östersund superduperspecial. Get your tickets now! In addition there’s a whole week of sustainable culture and mostly eatable events as well. Gastronomy and Culture week.

Here’s some highlighted events during this week.

– TEDxÖstersund

– Creative Business

You have to see this amazing teaser on TEDx done by my talented friends Daniel Sidevärn & David Engdhal at STUM based in Östersund.

HUNGRY for best imaginable Food and Film festival, all over Jämtland next weekend?

How come all this in one week? Cause we love it here. And we see good food, culture and creativity as an essentiell part that’s integrated in our every day life. Not just an “add-on”!

“Where I come from, true enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, motivated and committed people have chosen a life in Sweden’s rural areas. We call this place home. We are part of an emerging future and we want to showcase that future to the world. We are the ones chasing the freedom to choose where we want to live and work. We embrace change and innovation with an open mind and we are the game changers who are here to stay.” TEDxÖstersund

The feeling of being in the middle of the world is really highlighted right now cause where hosting UNESCOs Creative Citites Network 10th annual meeting as well. An event I’ve lobbied to get here for nearly a decade.

Pack your bags and join us! We love building longer tables – not higher fence.