Be”eljest” if you’re on a mission to change the world!

By 23 February, 2018Articles

For decades I have felt and been treated as “eljest” in my cute little hometown Östersund. For decades I’ve worked hard through Food In Action to change the world through creating GOOD* food systems, brands and project.

Even though my work has been rewarded and successful in many ways it hasn’t always been easy to be a passionate potato. But just recently – all this have changed! *taste, sustainable, healthy, culture

I’m sure you all know about the small town syndrome – when people’s thoughts about life are limited by a mental box. This can make creative people feel trapped and suffocated – longing to be in another place with more mental hight – full of likeminded that wants to change the world for the better through their creative actions.

Ever felt the need of being surrounded by wholehearted people in a place where prestige and master suppression techniques are not part of the daily life? I feel that need and now it’s all here. In Östersund.

Fia Gulliksson

Food in Action @Gomorron

The little town is not suffering from the small town syndrome anymore. Right now Östersund is the coolest little hotspot in the world! And being “eljest” – a bit odd, otherwise or different – might be the new Swedish word taking the world by storm. Just as “hygge” and “lagom” has done. Östersund’s football club ÖFK and a new cool co-working space Gomorron Östersund broke the mental ice barriers in my sporty Winter City. Now it feels like a Creative City for real. Anything is possible and the mental limits are no longer boxed in folks!

Thank You Daniel Kindberg, Graham Potter and ÖFK for daring beeing “eljest”. Thanks Gomorron Östersund for creating a space for wholehearted people. Your love power, people and existence really help the journey for the rest of us “eljest” people that have worked passionate, crEATive and cross-sectoral for decades! I’m now convinced to start a new business in Östersund – thanks to the mind-shift in our town.

Here’s the best version of the magic Saga behind ÖFK’s groundbreaking method of beeing and acting”eljest”. Watch video here

Fia Gulliksson – CEO & Founder