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Hip hip hurrah to another successful Eat Up Food Walks in Sundsvall!

By 16 October, 2018News

Saturday 6th October, almost 500 people gathered in Sundsvall to enjoy GOOD* food (*tasty, sustainable, local, healthy). 

Eat Up Food Walks is a franchised concept created by Food in Action a year ago. Special thanks to our Sundsvall license taker Anna Frisk for her great professional job.

You too can become our license taker and promote your hotspot as a foodie destination. Please do contact us at info@foodinaction.se if you think your food is the place to eat.

Eat Up Food Walks is about 10 creative stations (restaurants, cafés, art galleries, coworking spaces, hotels) doing what they do best – show their passion through action by welcoming guests and cooking for them – in a sustainable way (local sourcing, healthy dishes, commensality & fun). 

Want to know more about the menu and the stations? Please have a look at our magazine!  You can also follow us on Instagram to see some of the amazing dishes cooked during Eat Up and / or read the following article in Sundsvalls Tidning to experience Eat Up Sundsvall by proxy.

But we also have great news to share with you : Eat Up Food Walks is coming back in January! Both in Sundsvall (19th of January – provisional date) and Östersund (27th of January – provisional date). 

So stick around, we’ll keep you posted!