Magic women in the world: Be like Pippi Longstocking – it’s ok to be “eljest”!

By 8 March, 2018Articles

As long as I remember Pippi Longstocking has been my role model. She’s everything I strive to be. Strong, brave, good-hearted, creative, free, a great friend, a bit wild and she’s financially independent. If you’re like Pippi you’re a bit “eljest” in most societies. Eljest being a bit odd or otherwise. Our structural norms don’t value female Pippi’s the same as a man person with the same qualities. The reason’s for that is the patriarchal structures that make us all biased.

But finally, the press AND men like Rene Redzepi are realising that bringing in Pippi’s or ie female game changer will improve and make the global food scene better than ever! Gender equality in the gastronomy world might be even more important than in other areas since our business is so unequal!

Not taking in and value Pippi’s and the female aspects in the food world is like running a marathon – jumping on only one leg!

On March 4th the Food in Action team went to Malmö to join the 4th edition of Parabere Forum, an independent international platform featuring women’s views and voices on major food issues. “

During 2 days we had the beautiful opportunity to get inspired by 402 amazing and brave Pippi’s from around the globe. We have learned so many incredible things, but the most important of all, we have learned that we are not alone in this fight.

Parader Forum

Many magic Pippi´s at Parabere Forum in Malmö 4-5th of March 2018


Listen. Learn. Share. Repeat!

An English Pippi thaught us all about aquaponics and that salad could be social. Growing urban food in a sustainable way is possible even if you live in a big city like London. We discovered that edible ideas finally have a home in Malmö with Gro’ up thanks to many strong Pippi’s. They run an inclusive space where everyone can explore and develop new sustainable ways to enjoy food culture. A Pippi from Sydney made us realise that even “useless” urban spaces can give a lot of opportunities to build your own garden and delicious-organic vegetables or fruits. Many and impressive Yalla-Pippi’s uses food as an integration tool to cook up social sustainability in any city or community of the world.

Documentary Australia Foundation

Documentary Australia Foundation

A very brave French Pippi taught us new ways of how to use bread as an ingredient, avoiding waste. We laughed until tears while listening to a gobsmacking funny Brittish Pippi about”sitopia” and hoe food shapes our cities. We were moved to tears whilst listening to an amazing Pippi with roots from South Africa made her dream of nourishing a country, while reducing food waste, came true.

We applauded and acclaimed the moment when one of the best chefs of the world – René Redzepi from Noma – said he want’s to make the new Noma the best workplace in the world through team equality, empowering females and zero tolerance to “asshole” behavior.

Solving issues around how we are biased when it comes to gender and general equality will bring people to new levels of creativity.

Hearing these words from one of the most powerful men in the food world wraps us the message to all magic women in the world: Be a Pippi Longstocking – dear to be “eljest”. Now there’s much more room for us!

It will probably also make new Noma the No1 restaurant in the world as well!

Yours truly / Fia – Food In Action