April 23rd & April 24th, Food in Action goes to Ireland!

By 18 April, 2018News

Founder & CEO, Fia Gulliksson, is invited in Galway to be a speaker and cook at touRRoir. “A two day cross sector global forum on Food, Tourism and Culture taking place in the National University of Ireland Galway, it gathers food travel experts, international chefs, hospitality, travel industry and culture professionals and key influencers in soft power to feature latest trends, best-in-class thinking, cutting-edge innovation and lots of inspirational examples of co-operation that works.”

On Monday 23rd April, Fia Gulliksson will cook with other renowned international chefs during the touRRoir 2018 Hall of Fame Awards Gala Ceremony to craft a menu inspired by Galway, West of Ireland’s landscape and seascape using Irish produce. Preserving the soil and local gastronomy, and stressing that gastronomy must take into account the environmental impact of food has long been Fia Gulliksson’s aim. “The more we take care of the soil, the better the food taste and the better it is for your health”, she insists.

On Tuesday 24th April, she will present the 10.40 Session 2 – “Getting your Community on the Global Culinary Map”. She will also be a member of the Panel Wrap at 16.25.


With expertise in regional development (Östersund City of Gastronomy) and food tourism (Eat Up Food Walks), Fia Gulliksson is always keen on inspiring, influencing and supporting crEATive sustainable companies (Flow Food) and ways of life (The Great Nordic Feast).

Food has always been her driving force but she needs to bind it to other arts (music, movie) because “working cross-cultural makes us more imaginative and creative”. Another connection to be made is “between small players and big players”. “We need all stakeholders from the community to make a change”.

To quote Graison Gill “Since change is inevitable – we should direct the change instead of just go through the change”.

“We have no idea what tomorrow is going to be like but what we need to do is to bring creativity back in people’s lives and to join forces”, Fia concludes.

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