crEATive Östersund – To get there spells together(e)

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Great things, you don’t want to miss, is happening in my little cool town. Nearly 120 amazing hero friends from all over the world are helping out to make the event crEATive Östersund superduperspecial. Get your tickets now! In addition there’s a whole week of sustainable culture and mostly eatable events as well. Gastronomy and Culture week.

Here’s some highlighted events during this week.

– TEDxÖstersund

– Creative Business

You have to see this amazing teaser on TEDx done by my talented friends Daniel Sidevärn & David Engdhal at STUM based in Östersund.

HUNGRY for best imaginable Food and Film festival, all over Jämtland next weekend?

How come all this in one week? Cause we love it here. And we see good food, culture and creativity as an essentiell part that’s integrated in our every day life. Not just an “add-on”!

“Where I come from, true enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, motivated and committed people have chosen a life in Sweden’s rural areas. We call this place home. We are part of an emerging future and we want to showcase that future to the world. We are the ones chasing the freedom to choose where we want to live and work. We embrace change and innovation with an open mind and we are the game changers who are here to stay.” TEDxÖstersund

The feeling of being in the middle of the world is really highlighted right now cause where hosting UNESCOs Creative Citites Network 10th annual meeting as well. An event I’ve lobbied to get here for nearly a decade.

Pack your bags and join us! We love building longer tables – not higher fence.

New networks, food feminism and organic ecosystems are crafted all over Europe, Creative Östersund and our region is part of it.

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Last week it was the launching of two new Gastronomy Cities in UNESCOs network for Creative Citites. First it was Gaziantep (the home of Baklava) in Turkey and then Bergen in Norway.

At the reception-dinner in Istanbul for Gaziantep, Mr Tim Curtis, Head of UNESCOs Intangible Heritage Division, said: “The Creative Citites Networks is devoted to the promotion of culture in all it’s forms, as a driver of sustainable development, bringing together smart people and innovative ideas. Culture brings us together against ignorance, violence and rejection of the other” This is the spirit of the UNESCO Creative City Network”


I must say this is the spirit of why My Town Östersund as well since we became apart of the Network. It connects people in the region like me and other entrepreneurs with like-minded people on the globe.  But we have lot’s to learn still and we have lot’s more we can do – that’s why networks are so important. In September Östersund is hosting the whole network with 116 cities at UCCN2016, I bet we’ll learn lots then.

Both in Gaziantep and in Bergen I met so many amazing women (and some men) running all kinds of sustainable food projects and building new food systems. For instense Agnes V. Tvinnereim from Bærekraftig liv på Landås, in Norway.




Now I’m in Copenhagen at inspiring Københavns Madhus. Their missions are many, for instance; City of Copenhagen has a target to reach 90% organic food in public kitchens before end of May this year. Now 87%!. Pretty impressive isn’t? Behind this huge project – a great women called Anne-Birgitte “Gigger” Agger and many more. They also help other municipalities in the Nordic Countries, as consultants, with strategies for profitibale GOOD FOOD*

*taste, sustainability, equality

Tomorrow hundreds of chefs, producers and sommeliers from all over the world, mostly all females, are attending the second addition of Parabere Forum in Bari, Italy. Parabere was started by a woman, Maria Canabal. Katja Nykvist – chef and sommelier at Jazzköket in Östersund and me will represent Creative City of Östersund and the region at the meeting.

“Parabere aims to create a powerful, global network in order to strengthen the influence of women in the food sector.

Parabere formulates and promotes innovative action plans and debates to encourage women’s contribution to the food sector and to promote diversity in gastronomy.

By sharing stories, successes and problems, the more we will accelerate and help close the  gender gap in the gastronomical sector.”
See this clip from CNN from last years addition of Parabere.

Why is Food Feminism important and why do we need to close the gender gap? Well – all evidence show that if we have an equal world the future of the planet will be much more sustainable.  Much more in balance.

Empowering women is a pillar for a better world. The above picture is also a reason why. To get there spells together(e), in balance. Some of the best initiatievs changing our food systems to organic ecosystems – are powered by women! #empowerwomen #parabereforum #foodinaction #uccn2016 #östersund #womensday #foodfeminism #creativeostersund


Two Michelin stars to Fäviken – and it’s NOT in the middle of nowhere!

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Congrats to team Fäviken and their amazing eatery to become the first in Sweden outside the capital to claim two Michelin stars. Well deserved for sure. The restaurant has been in international top class for a few years now and in my opinion, a one-of-a-kind most amazing gastronomic experience you ever can imagine.

You often read about Magnus Nilsson and Fäviken as “A Swedish chef running a restaurant in the middle of nowhere”, like in this article from The Local. Fäviken is NOT in the middle of nowhere. This is definitely NOT TRUE. Fäviken is in the middle of an amazing gastronomic region or province called Jämtland. This is where I live. This is what I love. This is #whereicomefrom.

My hometown Östersund – is designated by UNESCO as a Creative City of Gastronomy so not just Fäviken is worth a visit. Yours truly put in the proposal to apply to the network in 2007. Our food, people and culture is the magical driver for a sustainable future up here for sure. In September 2016 we’ll host 117 creative cities for the UCCN2016 – really looking forward to that.

If you’re interested to learn more about this amazing region….welcome to read the magazines GASTRONOMY  No1 and GASTRONOMY  No2. Together with some fabulous locals, the regional tourist office, my company Food In Action, helped produce this gastro platform.

Wan’t to hear more from Magnus and learn about Fäviken? Listen to Kulturpodden – broadcasted by an author friend and me last year. Rural rules.